Philippe Emmanuel Gueble – Fire & Remembrance

Philippe Emmanuel Gueble - Fire & Remembrance

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Philippe Emmanuel Gueble – Fire & Remembrance
CD-R, Underwater Music, 2003

The album “Fire & Remembrance” by the French composer P.E. Gueble is a perfect example of quiet minimal music. Its smooth freeform soundscapes breath introspection and contemplation as they subtly shapeshift between darker and lighter shades, sometimes combining electronic with acoustic instruments.

Not that I’m that fond of the soft guitar lingerings used in tracks 2, 4 and 6, which sound searching, restless and a bit pointless to be of real interest.
But I do like the warm electronic textural plains and drones as featured in “Mother Nature Legacy”, “Fenetre ouvert sur..” and “Sunbeam”.
They simple work magic on its own with its melancholic undercurrents.
The fluid female voice over ethereal soundscapes in “Raga 1” is also nicely done.

In all, 47 minutes of soft meandering and relaxing soundings for quiet moments.


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