Phillip Wilkerson – Still Point

Phillip Wilkerson - Still Point

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Phillip Wilkerson – Still Point
CD-R, Earth Mantra, 2008

“Still Point” (inspired by the poetry of T.S. Eliot) is an ambient project by Phillip Wilkerson, spanning almost 60 minutes, published by the Earth Mantra netlabel.
It’s a collage made up of eight free form textural pieces and lossless dronescapes that make up nice evening and night music.

Sombre and slightly melancholic undercurrents can be noticed from time to time, as the soft waves of sound move and float along in a slow pace. Personally I feel the overall outcome would please even more with a warmer, more spacious sound and further mastering.

All in all, “Still Point” makes a drifting sound painting that fans of Andrew Lahiff or Thom Brennan may enjoy.


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