Phillip Wilkerson – The Stars and Afterward

Phillip Wilkerson - The Stars and Afterward

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Phillip Wilkerson – The Stars and Afterward
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2012

Fans of Philip Wilkerson’s music may have had the impression that this musician was going to persue a different musical direction after “Ten to Eleven”. This is not the case, although that album otherwise reflects on a phase in the composers life and music career.
“The Stars and Afterward” is a cosmic music release featuring some ambient electronica along sequenced/more melodic pieces, containing hints toward the Berlin School. Some might even remember the Berliner-style was already slightly investigated on Phillip’s 2010 album “Suntracer” (available through the Earth Mantra net-label).

For “The Stars and Afterward”, Mr Wilkerson sifted his shelved collection of older pieces made between 2008 til 2010, and can came up with seven pieces that suited the space theme he had in mind.
The longest track, and in my opinion also the pinnacle on the release, is the 21-minute “Radiance”. This textural and harmonic excursion floats freely through deep space territory.

All in all, “The Stars and Afterward” makes a nice addition to Mr Wilkerson’s library of space ambient music and a nice follow-up to “Suntracer”.


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