Phillip Wilkerson – Wondrous Encounters

Phillip Wilkerson - Wondrous Encounters

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Phillip Wilkerson – Wondrous Encounters
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

“Wondrous Encounters” invites you to an imminent world of gentle sonic streams offering a collection of space music, atmospheres, and soundscapes suitable for stargazing, cosmic sightseeing or cloud watching.

Imagine calm, freeform and overtly drifting textures, swelling smoothly and carrying on to occasional elevating effect. This is what one will run into on the 70-minute “Wondrous Encounters”, a musical homage to alien visitation and science fiction films, and more specific the classic sf-movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.

The cosmic theme is explored nicely in rich layers and evolving spacious drifts on each of the eight cuts, straying through deeper worlds beyond and veils of mystery (“Asynchronous Maneuvers”), next to peaceful drifting (“First Glimpse of the Milky Way”) and ethereal territory (“Ionized Drift”). In the latter category also fit the 15-minute “Low Gravity Field” and the ethereal title piece, both very nicely rendered sky floaters. The final track ends things in harmony as the aerial vista drifts upon an infinite sea of clouds.

When one buys the download version of the release on Bandcamp, one even gets four more tracks as a bonus.


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