Phobos – Darker

Phobos - Darker

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Phobos – Darker
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2012

Phobos album “Darker”, his third private release to date, is another treat for ambient fans who love longform, overtly dark and intense soundscape music meant for headphone listening.

With four overall dense and at times rather abstract sound paintings, the composer really takes his listener to the next level down the abyss, which isn’t always that easy this time. The third track “Hell’s Gate” is the most challenging in that aspect. Don’t expect any deranged, apocalyptic music though, as David Thompson sticks to sketching deep ambient dronefields along vast textural, highly imaginative farscapes that all roam in the unknown depths of time and space.
Rhythm is totally absent here as a multitude of extensive layers unfold and sound effects pass by in the everlasting, haunting and foreboding spheres. The faint of heart though should make sure to skip this disc.

The physical release of “Darker” on high-quality Taiyo Yuden cd-r comes as a four-panel digipak and is limited to 50 copies.


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