Phobos – Monolith

Phobos - Monolith

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Phobos – Monolith
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Dark Duck Records, 2010

Before he started releasing on his own, Phobos (aka David Thompson) found his first home on the US-based Dark Duck label, known for its expansive catalogue of dark and experimental/abstract ambient music.

The 72-minute “Monolith” contains an extensive and deep journey in two parts, where David already displays his talent in weaving immersive and profound sound worlds, a doorway to an imaginary beyond.
The rise and fall of free form textures and shapes evokes an alienating, almost disorientated atmosphere where there’s no going back, as the slow washes of sonic lava morph on and on.

If you love deep listening and ambient/space drone tapestries, “Monolith” won’t disappoint despite its occasional harsher edges and curls.


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