Planet of the Arps

Planet of the Arps

mychoice - Planet of the Arps


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Planet of the Arps 
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Deserted Island Music, 2019

“Planet of the Arps”, the seventh release on Deserted Island Music, is the first ambient side-project by Dutch synthesist Remy Stroomer that evolved in various stages since he drew its first aural sketches in July 2010. Spyra was asked to join a few months later but the project was shelved and recharged various times thereafter, culminating into a fully improvised 20-minute live set at the Ruins of Brederode concert in Santpoort- Zuid (Netherlands) on June 27th, 2014.

The 60-minute outcome presented here merges the atmospheric, dynamic and minimalistic, already dwelling beautifully in ‘70’s Schulze’s freeform Berlin School cosmic music on opener “Beneath the Planet of the Arps”. From there the spatial music ventures onward, moving in circular structures into sequenced, beat-driven electronic domains fusing contemporary and classic textures seamlessly into an energetic, tantalizing trip that should appeal to a wide Em-audience I reckon. I feel the only “flaw” on the record is where Spyra’s partner Roksana Vikaluk joins the duo briefly with some unnecessary wordless singing. All in all, “Planet of the Arps” is an exciting, well-accomplished piece or work.



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