Przemysław Rudź – Self-Replicating Intelligent Spawn

Przemysław Rudź - Self-Replicating Intelligent Spawn

Release data:

Przemysław Rudź – Self-Replicating Intelligent Spawn
CD, Generator.Pl, 2010

Przemysław Rudź album “Self-Replicating Intelligent Spawn” is the final chapter of a trilogy (which started with “Summa Technologiae“), which tells the story of mankind in the 21st century.

The instrumental music has maintained the high-tech, futuristic and melodic character of the previous albums that graced the previous releases, leading us into a surprisingly bright and cinematic world of sounds and textures.

In addition, Mr Rudź has implemented quite some groove rhythms, sequencers to spice things up, beside some great vintage Jarre-pads (“Equinoxe”) and solos to elevate things even more, although I wished the short freaky excursions such as “The Race towards a knowledge” were left out.

The epic on the album is the 23-minute “Giant Leap for Mankind”, found almost at the end. Here, Mr Rudź displays his whole array of musical possibilities after an long atmospheric intro as an electronic extravaganza. It’s a pity the final track “Home again” is deranged by a sax-solo, an instrument I still don’t think fits electronic music.

To promote “Self-Replicating Intelligent Spawn”, Przemysław has uploaded excerpts of the music on YouTube.


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