Rasal.Asad – Space.Scape

Rasal.Asad - Space.Scape

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Rasal.Asad – Space.Scape
CD, Thisco, 2002

“Space.Space” comes in a simple, single-sleeve envelope, containing electronic soundscape music without rhythm made by one Fernando Cerqueira from Portugal.
Fernando is owner of the Tisco-label and has made at least ten CD’s using the moniker Ras.al.ghul, but he considers Rasal.a’sad a “side-project”.

The opening track “Ur” has a floating nature, sounding a bit like the former Project Erde, but also features sombre organ sounds.
The second track “Be.in” is difficult to describe with its sizzling, almost dense undercurrents which don’t make it a strong, convincing piece to me.

The 10+ minute track “Momeant” is also of darker, foreboding nature although things float all the way through.
The cd ends with a not-listed fourth track offering 7:30 of soft swelling, circular sound textures.

All in all, this cd presents 50 minutes of slightly abstract, cosmic oriented EM which will make sense to those who give it a careful listen.

Website: www.thisco.net


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