Red Planet Orchestra – Aurora Symphony

Red Planet Orchestra - Aurora Symphony

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Red Planet Orchestra – Aurora Symphony
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Path of Action Productions/Sound for Good records, 2012

The Red Planet Orchestra is a collective of well respected musicians who between them have produced works for film, TV and several mixed media events. One of them is renowned SF-author and composer Vincent Rees, also founder member of T30 Control, who joined forces with sound artist Pete Smith for this recording.

For the biggest part, “Aurora Symphony” is a gentle and highly relaxing effort. The album contains four ambient movements with a strong cinematic undercurrent, all reflecting the warm, glowing and hypnotizing feelings evoked by the mysterious red planet.

The free form, highly atmospheric and ethereal outcome incorporates classical composition with a contemporary structure, taking the listener on a mesmerizing cosmic ride through the galactic expanse in three movements. The slowly curling textures imagine future memories and ancient dreams inhabiting a fantastic landscape of intense serenity. Especially the excellent first movement, clocking over 29 minutes, is a beautiful and highly immersive drift reminding of the albums “Mysterious Vibration” and “11:11”by Projekt Erde. The soothing and serene sphere continues on the following two movements.
On the last track, “Requiem for Aurora”, the nicely moulded chill-out music turns up the textural drone avenue, leaving a mysterious and a bit uncanny feel track behind.

“Aurora Symphony” is available as a digital download on a name-your-price basis at Bandcamp.


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