Red Planet Orchestra – DNA

Red Planet Orchestra - DNA

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Red Planet Orchestra – DNA
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Path of Action Productions, 2017

According the liner notes “DNA” features the full score soundtrack for a previously unreleased horror thriller that has been much sought after by collectors in the past, also including music composed for the film but not included in the final cut.

This time around the output created by Vincent Rees and Pete Smith is quite different from their previous works. Not only does this it take on a much darker, rather surreal approach, I also feel the string of single short cuts too often prevent thorough exploration and extension of atmospheres in the recognizable soundtrack realm. Next to that, “Friends Forever”, sounding very upfront and rather thin, is almost synth-pop.

Strong cuts though are the opening main theme and the sparse longer tracks “The Room”, “Kudos” and “Pathogen” while the duo’s typical slow evolving minimalist-symphonic yet ethereal style comes to bloom on the 20-minute “Radio Symphony” found almost halfway.
In the end “DNA” makes a mixed bag with just a few interesting takes in my opinion.


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