Red Planet Orchestra – The Human

Red Planet Orchestra - The Human

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Red Planet Orchestra – The Human
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Path of Action Productions, 2017

“The Human” is quite a massive release by UK-duo Vincent Rees and Pete Smith, aka Red Planet Orchestra. It features 160 minutes of highly emotive, strong symphonic-flavored and contemporary-classical cosmic music painting a grand picture before the listener’s ears.

The sonic content found in each of the seven pieces, ranging between 12 and 31 minutes, is freeform, haunting and hypnotizing. It’s a kind of narrative storytelling at large, revealing various levels and dynamic currents alongside gentle percolating, minimalist streams and far-out corners through its multiple- textured, pastel-colored sounddesign.

But this music is not just serenity and harmony as “Humanity of Andromeda”and “Call the World” reveal quite a bit of psychedelic flavour while warm washes starts spreading their wings again on the 23-minute “Home Coming”. Faint glimpses of celestial realms can be discerned on “Alone”, a minimalist tapestry of soft breathing, flowing and expansive soundscapes morphing onward for over half an hour. “Eight”, the 12-minute closing piece, brings a sense of release as it closes the circle although it also feels as an open, mysterious ending somehow.

Listening to “The Human” in one go is too demanding, so you better make that at least two or three sessions I reckon.


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