Redshift – Last

Redshift - Last

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Redshift – Last
CD, Distant Sun, 2007

“Last” features music which Redshift played live on Hampshire Jam 5 in October 2006.
For this concert, Redshift performed as a trio, as no other than Ian Boddy joined Mark and Julian Shreeve on electric piano, synthesizers, software and sampler.

For years, Redshift is known for their strong retro music (with a dynamic concert when they perform live) which has the versatile outcome of Mark Shreeve’s huge modular system as core sound.

The music on “Last” still contains a lot of great pumping sequencing and varied vintage sounds, but one can also not deny some slight experimental edges popping up in the music.

In general, this applies to the transitions between the six tracks, and e.g. the pieces “Nightshift” and the title track. This element gives the overall music something extra, adventurous and daring.

It makes the outcome a bit less predictable, but in the end and after various listens, the album still sparkles in its own way.


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