Redshift – Life to come

Redshift - Life to come

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Redshift – Life to come
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Distant Sun Production, 2015

It’s been a while since the previous release, but this new chapter of the Redshift discography has been worth the wait. Fans still don’t need to worry as the big and fat sounding modular machinery again was treated by the very capable Mark Shreeve, who seems to have accomplished the outcome all by himself.

Dark and menacing atmospheres already creep in on the 10-minute opener “Soft Summer Rain”, followed swiftly by tantalizing sequencer patterns starting up Redshift’s power engine as fans will appreciate it. “Vampyre” offers a sinister, gothic entrance but it doesn’t take long before combos of interlocking Moog sequences enter the stage accompanied by tasty retro moodscapes as intensity builts.

Psychedelism and raw intensity also form the dynamic turmoil of “Mission Creep”. Next is the catchy “Bloom”, a compact and highly energetic track with a thunderous impact that I’d love to experience in a live performance. For that occasion I’d also like to add the 13-minute “Slam”, where Mark melts captivating atmospheric interludes with electrifying sequencers to great effect. This is an outstanding high-voltage ride with various dark currents.

Cool, imaginative atmospheres along grainy, ghotic soundscaping make up “Circling Above” before the title piece rounds out the album in a more melodic, mellow fashion. With “Life to come” Mark did another very nice job that no doubt will please many Redshift fans out there.


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