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Redshift – Turning Towards Us
CD, Distant Sun, 2008

Those who know or own the previous Redshift releases will be surprised as the cd-cover has been completely overhauled for the bands 10th release, for which the typical Redshift also has left the scene.
Recorded between March-September 2008, “Turning towards us” contains five tracks, three longform and two short pieces.

The 13-minute “The Love of Nature” takes off nicely with abstract, raw modular soundscapes and an edgy bass-sequencer rhythm. As expected, it finds the versatile, impressive vintage sounds of the huge Moog always at its core. In a way, the bass-structure reminded me of John Carpenter’s soundtrack “The Prince of Darkness”.

Next is the short and overall quiet “The Last thing we see”, which sounds very much in vein of the closing chords of TD’s “Rubycon”.
Things change radically on the 13-minute “Clan”, a straightforward rhythmic outing with massive Moog sequencing and bold, aggressive guitar textures in the first half, creating a gloomy atmosphere. In the second section, some excellent Moog sequencing and soloing guitar sounds set things in motion. A nice effort indeed.

“Happy Hour” is the second short track, a quiet interlude made up of drifting freeform textures.

The almost 23-minute title track closes the album in classic Redshift style: great spacy atmospheres, mellotron textures, and slowly building Moog sequencer lines, ending up in a massive wall of melodic sound. There’s a break at the 12-minute mark, where raw Moog sequences fire its engines with mellotron melodies floating over is.
At the end, harmonic mellotron sounds slowly fade away, vaporizing like waterdrops in the sun.

“Turning Towards Us” most of all is proof Mark Shreeve’s Redshift is still very much alive and kickin’!


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