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René Splinter - Modern Ruins

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René Splinter – Modern Ruins
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2013

With his album “Singularities”, René Splinter showed a remarkable talent in the world of contemporary electronic music, although the music of Johannes Schmoelling and ‘80’s TD were (and still are) big influences.

Fresh fruit in a similar, still engaging style is presented on the 62-minute concept –album “Modern Ruins”, taking off melodically and energetic on “Urbex”, while the rapid sequencers take on a spatial shape on “Pod City”. TD’s “White Eagle” sends its regards here, but René puts things in his own different perspective while keeping a clear head and without losing the melodic approach.

Soft glowing atmospheric sketches fill the quiet “Scenic Reels”, very nicely turning up the cinematic, introspective alley. The highly emotive “Footprints in the Dust” airs a fine mix of Schmoelling and TD in excellent shape, accompanied by some fine rattling drums. The very open sounding title track leaves a happy, positive feel, due to a nice soaring solo voice hovering over a catchy assortment of TD/Schmoelling ingredients.

The reflective mood returns on “Nostalgia”, where René delivers some fine piano accompanying his vibrant, gentle electronics. The final track “The Pendulum” is another energetic piece, almost a symphony, kicking in with sparkling sequencing, classical piano and lush, hovering pads.

If you got and liked “Singularities”, you can purchase “Modern Ruins” without any hesitation.
Bravo René!


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