René Splinter – Singularities

René Splinter - Singularities

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René Splinter – Singularities
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2012

On his previous albums, Dutchman René Splinter already proved he has a lot of talent to offer. So it came to no surprise, for me at least, that this release is now put out as a factory-pressed release by Groove Unlimited.

Oncemore, René doesn’t hide his core inspiration in his music (TD’s 80’s music along the output of Johannes Schmoelling) but he has found a way to seamlessly implement those with his own ideas and sonic discoveries. A good example of that is the most pleasing title track kicking off the album. On the third track “Time Traveller”, Mr Splinter hits the realm and sound TD’s “Exit” perfectly, and not much later, also “Logos” sends its regards.

A nice joie de vivre and positive vibe is explored on the fourth track “Timescapes”, at times sounding in line with Mr Schmoellings older solo albums. The great sonic drive and vibrant sequencing continues on “Lemniscate”. “Before Babel” is a more contemplative effort of piano and lush pads. The mid-tempo “The Lighthouse” makes a tasty conclusion to “Singularities”.

All in all, “Singularities” is a great album. I’m sure many will second that opinion after hearing it. Well done, René!


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