Richard Burmer – Bhakti Point

Richard Burmer - Bhakti Point

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Richard Burmer – Bhakti Point
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2009

Richard Burmer’s second album “Bhakti Point” contains eight compositions offering a fascinating musical journey to imaginary worlds. Next to vibrant and symphonic landscapes, Richard also excels in composing more melodic, structured tracks along more intimate, feel-good soundscapes, all telling their own story.

My personal and all-time highlights on this album are the soothing, gentle and serene ambience created by “Across the View” (which was also featured on the Steve Roach concept-album “Western Spaces” (Innovative Communications edition) and the highly cinematic, deep and evocative spheres of “Nightland”.

What still strikes me the most to this very day, is the sense of in-depth emotion and profound timelessness embedded in Richard’s beautifully crafted sonic narratives.

All in all, “Bhakti Point” belongs to Mr Burmer’s finest achievements. If you’re into John Flomer, Vangelis, Kevin Braheny or the early music of Gandalf, this classic gem is an absolute must-have.


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