Rigel Centaurus – Into Infinity

Rigel Centaurus - Into Infinity

Release data:

Rigel Centaurus – Into Infinity
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, United Studios Corp., 2012

“Into Infinity” is the second cosmic album by Russian composer Andrey Hlybov, aka Rigel Centaurus, again solely made with soft synths. Once again, the listener is invited on a freeform deepspace trip through the vast unknown, while various elements of the grand celestial design float by.

The spacious soundscape journey is made up by five lengthy, rather soothing (but luckily not too cheesy) pieces where slightly symphonic drone pads merge with slow evolving, ethereal and immersive sound architecture. I personally would have preferred a bit more open and transparent sound throughout, as the minimal-oriented, non-rhythmic ambientspace music of “Into Infinity” would certainly benefit from that.

Like the previous release, this one can be obtained as free download from the USC website.

Website: uscu.unitedstudios.ru

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