Rob Essers – A Lizards Walk

Rob Essers - A Lizards Walk

Release data:

Rob Essers – A Lizards Walk
CD, Cue Records NL, 1997

Those familiar with Rob’s very nice debut album “Raincolors” know TD’s music from 1973-1985 holds a special place in his heart. The linear note on the cd-sleeve says it all: “vintage pieces were prepared to sound just that: vintage”.

For “A Lizards Walk” Rob chose to construct three lengthy tracks (7, 25 and 19 minutes), all made up of shorter pieces. Making them fit together was quite a challenge as he wanted to keep the “drive” going all the way.

Well, the melodic music still contains warm TD-sounds, sequencing and rhythmic grooves, nicely mingled together to let things sound as fresh and sparkling as possible, keenly avoiding the superficial song-like element.
Especially “Phase 3” is a strong effort, which could easily have fitted on the previous album if it wasn’t that lengthy.
Listening to this enjoyable music made me think how this outcome would work out when played live.

Overall, this well-produced album with personal touches is a must-have for all those longing back to TD’s vintage sound with a contemporary touch.



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