Robert Fox – Touching the Serpent’s Tail

Robert Fox - Touching the Serpent's Tail

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Robert Fox – Touching the Serpent’s Tail
CD, AD Music, 2007

By whatever reason, I lost touch of the music by the English musician Robert Fox after his third release or so, although I liked his music quite a lot. In the meanwhile he has become a member of Code Indigo, but also continued releasing solo music.

“Touching the serpent’s tail” is Robert’s twelfth album, which again is a good example of his mature musicianship. To my surprise, it also kind of continued the sound I remembered from his first albums with their grand sounds.

This cd is what I like to call easy-going electronic music, due to its lush and accessible character and use of lots of warm synthesizer pads. It features quite some melodic and orchestral passages, all done very well, creating an engaging, sometimes even heavenly atmosphere. Especially the fourth track “Weaver of Chance” has become a personal favorite of mine.

So, overlooking the contents of the complete album, I’m sure there will be a lot of fans who will love the sounds and warm impact of “Touching the serpent’s tail”.
Nice going, Robert!


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