Robert Jíša – Signs of the Zodiac

Robert Jíša - Signs of the Zodiac

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Robert Jíša – Signs of the Zodiac
CD, NextEra, 2007

Musician Robert Jíša, a graduate from Berklee College of Music, hails from Prague, Chech Republic, and has established himself as a mature soundtrack composer for the last couple of years.

The title of this concept cd can be translated as “The Signs of the Zodiac”. The 12 symbols all receive a very nice electronic treatment, bearing a highly classical, sometimes slightly orchestral feel.

The relaxing, atmospheric music breaths a warm, romantic touch, featuring lots of strings pads, piano and flute voices with, occasionally accompanied by nature sounds and ethnic instrumentation. The Asian-oriented “Libra” and “Pisces” sound even more lyrical due to the intimate, carefully shaped solo voices.
The 24-bit digital mastering makes this recommended music shine even more.

Robert will spread his wings in 2009 as he plans to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film music. According to this music, I really hope he will be successful over there.


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