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Robert Jíša - Space Voices


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Robert Jíša – Space Voices
CD, NextEra, 2007

This cd is a continuation of a series, as I found out on Robert’s website he previously released albums such as “Sea Voices”, “Forest Voices” and even “Rain Forest Voices”.

The initial idea for “Space Voices” started after Robert Jíša had heard the NASA recordings of the “sounds” of the planets, in particular those made by the Voyager 1 of planet Jupiter.
After he got permission to use high quality recordings of them, Robert focussed on composing music that would not only fit to the authentic vibrations of the planets and the sun, but that would reach out (or come at least close) to the genius of these spectacular sounds.
In Jíša’s opinion, the outcome is not only about using beautiful recordings from the space satellite, but also the musical expression of the meanings of ancient mystical symbols alongside the basic principles of Kabala, astrology and tarot, as inspired by planets and stars.

Well, the twelve tracks on this excellently 24-bit digitally mastered album form a beautiful, uninterrupted tapestry of varied sounds, comprising carefully moulded orchestral and string arrangements. They are accompanied by occasional piano, flute and even velvet vocal textures, lending the music an enchanted, highly cinematic realm.

The compelling 10-minute gem “Slunce” kicks off, featuring heavenly voices, leading the way to both expansive and more intimate sounding exercises in the following tracks.
“Venuše” features a great blend of piano, flute and even church organ, followed by “Zeme” with its powerful vocal textures.

As the cosmic journey further unfolds, we encounter the dynamic soundscapes of “Mars” which lead to the expansive soundings of “Jupiter”, “Saturn” and “Pluto”.
The grand finally of the 51-minute “Space Voices” comes as “Neptun”, where the music reaches out one last time in dynamic proportions and thunder drums, propelling the listener into endless space.

There’s not doubt a lot of hard work was invested in creating this sparkling as emotional piece of space music, which becomes even more impressive when listening with your eyes closed.
Although some might argue certain passages in the music are rather new-age, “Space Voices” is an absolute must-have.
Very well done, Robert!


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