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Robert Rich - What we left behind

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Robert Rich – What we left behind
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Soundscape Productions, 2016

“What We Left Behind” is concept album labeled as a dreamy travelogue across the Earth long after we humans are extinct. At he same time, the Robert Rich coined it as a celebration of life’s resilience and a meditation on the consequences of human’s heavy footsteps.

Well, the completely organic, non-technological and occasionally rusty sounding outcome is a moody blend of sophisticated electronics, flutes, lap steal guitar and tribal-oriented rhythms where everything shimmers in the distance while all elements unfold in a slow, very dreamlike and overtly mesmerizing fashion. In the process of sculpting the 62-minutes of introspective and reflective sonic art, Robert gave special care to make everything feel like it was happening outside in a landscape or seascape, with reverbs and sound design matching a feeling of forest, mountain, desert, sky or ocean.

Imagine a continuous, meticulously evolving ambient landscape with foreboding but accessible undercurrents carrying Rich’s evocative sonic fingerprint with slices of melancholy and sadeness shimmering through. Most of all, the fascinating “What We Left Behind” is for those who love to travel both deep and beyond…


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