Robert Schroeder – Paradise Edition 2014

Robert Schroeder - Paradise Edition 2014

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Robert Schroeder – Paradise Edition 2014
CD, Spheric Music, 2014

For the biggest part of this release I’d like to refer to the one I did on the original 1983 release, as the “2014 Edition” was not newly recorded or remixed in order to preserve the authentic sphere of the orginal.

It has been extended though with two bonus pieces, “Skywalker 90” and an epilogue piece. The first one is a dynamic, uptempo piece (already previously available on the privately released Power-version of the album) of nearly 11 minutes where lots of “Charly McLion guitar” is added as well additional synths. As such, it’s almost the same track played live by Robert, Charly Buchel and Horst Schipper at WDR Nachtmusik in Cologne in March 1990. There’s some slight distortion noticeable though. The 7-minute “Paradise Epilogue” attempts to revive the old spirit with choir pads and contemporary solo voices known from Schroeder’s recent albums. Not bad, but nothing notable either.


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