Ron Boots – See Beyond Times, Look Beyond Words

Ron Boots - See Beyond Times, Look Beyond Words

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Ron Boots – See Beyond Times, Look Beyond Words
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2008

After the impressive as haunting concept album “Acoustic Shadows”, Ron Boots returns with a “lighter” cd.
It was inspired by his love for books and reading of all kinds, which initially started his lust for electronic and symphonic music.
The latter genre certainly plays an important role on “See Beyond Times, Look Beyond Words”, which sees Ron having a lot of fun with other musicians.

A very nicely executed solo by Gert Emmens graces the strong opening piece “Hour of the Wolf”, after which Henri Peeters adds a good portion of energizing guitar to the freshing “A Walk in the Rain”.

Of course, there is his best friend Harold van der Heijden, (“the driving force behind the drums”), with whom Ron made the powerful up-tempo track “Storms of IO”, which contains great walls of sound. Found in the core of the album, it sure is my personal favourite of the cd.

The atmospheric, magical soundings of “Boellistian” finds Ron playing with his friend Paul Ellis.
Towards the end of the album, “Radar” (a perfect track for a live performance) releases lots of energy as Martijn Ruissen, Henri Peeters, drummer Harold and Frank Van Bogaert join Ron on a dynamic ride through massive sounding electronics.
Album closer “We are Off” is a well-done effort of Ron to compose another dance music kindred piece.

All in all, this excellently produced and mastered cd shows another side of Ron’s music: “bombastic, with even a sympho feel…”


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