Ron Boots – Tainted Bare Skin

Ron Boots - Tainted Bare Skin

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Ron Boots – Tainted Bare Skin
CD, Groove Unlimited, 1998

“Tainted Bare Skin”, released in October 1998, comes in a yellow cd-case with some very nice photography of Ron’s wife Monique on the cover.

The disc contains 70 minutes of music which this time is more accessible. But it is still amazing to see how complex and smart way it was composed and assembled.

Ron remains a master in the way he builds and gently unfolds his sonic pieces, as can be heard on a track like “Freezin’ Heat” (which was also played live at E-Live ’98). The used sounds are engaging , sometimes even dwelling in rather cosmic realms, but firmly grounded in powerful bass lines and accompanying rhythms.

The overall feel of the music is touching and emotional, as it reflects the joy of composing electronic music in every detail. The disc also contains the (live) track “Deja-Vu” and closes with the straight-forward dance piece “Dejection’s Cure”.

This excellent produced cd again is proof Ron Boots remains one of the finest musicians in both heart and mind in nowadays electronic music.


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