Sayer – 1st Encounter

Sayer - 1st Encounter

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Sayer – 1st Encounter
CD, Invisible Shadows, 2003

“1st Encounter” is the first commercially released and factory pressed cd of US-musician Sayer, who’s also dealing with various other dance, techno and other electronica projects (such as Dream Quest).

Sayer’s musical goal is not to re-create what has been done before, but to take these influences and expand upon them with the visions in my mind.
Well, the rhythmic, melodic outcome of “1st Encounter” sounds fresh, vibrant and lively.

Spiced with thick effects and synth pads, complex sequencer patterns and an assorted string of vintage sounds lead the way. In addition, certain sequencer pattern fit nicely into the legacy of Michael Garrison, such as the massive layers found at the opening of “Perhaps”, before running into an uptempo style. The influence of Tangerine Dream also shines through in several excellent sequencer patterns, such as those on “Aqua” and the strong “Ether Movements”.

All in all, this music is highly energetic, accessible and well assembled, and will be liked by those who love Jarre, Kraftwerk, and Tangerine Dream.

Unfortunately, a short while after “1st Encounter” was released, the German Invisible Shadows record label was discontinued, so it might be quite hard to find a copy these days…


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