Sayer – Interplanetary

Sayer - Interplanetary

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Sayer – Interplanetary
CD, Private Release, 2017

The sonic journey US-synthesist Sayer Seely undertook until now has brought the Em-community some interesting stuff. I’d even dare say any fan of melodic sequencing mixed with spiced-up electronics that hasn’t yet digged his stuff should keep an eye on this musician as his output ranks above average.

Same as his previous work, the 78-minute “Interplanetary” has an infectious but also a kind of floating/groovy drive to cruise the galactic outdoors. All 11 tracks sound open and very much alive, occasionally wandering into pastel colored environs briefly (“Lost Civilizations”) but always heading onward with a slice of vintage electronics never far away. At certain spots I can’t help but think of good old Michael Garrison although Sayer’s compositions are coming along far more varied, mellow and contemporary sounding. Nice going Mr Seely.


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