Sean Washburn – Wave Mantra

Sean Washburn - Wave Mantra

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Sean Washburn – Wave Mantra
CD, Private Release, 2000

“Wave Mantra” is by all means a very nice album by American ambient-artist Sean Washburn.
It offers the listener a spiritual journey of introspective music, lasting for 73 minutes, offering lush drone/soundscapes in which you will encounter a perfect melting of electronic and acoustic elements.

The ongoing vast soundworlds are gently split in sort of phases, in which bell sounds, sitar sounds, flute and various ethno-acoustic instruments blend and beautifully shapeshift with each other.
The overall mood is very encompassing and inviting, and makes you feel at ease. This is a perfect companion for some inward journeys or meditation-sessions.

In all, reminded me a bit of the spiritual music David Parsons has brought to life, but this one has a lot of its own intriguing elements to offer. This great, perfectly produced and mastered cd really deserves more attention & recognition than it has gained until now……



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