Sigma – Worlds within Worlds

Sigma - Worlds within Worlds

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Sigma – Worlds within Worlds
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2017

Welcome to another Sigma-recording of ambient electronics with a stark edge for which only self-built electronic instruments were applied. On “Worlds within Worlds” it involves a Moog Prodigy synthesizer clone, TTSH-2600 synthesizer (a clone of the famous ARP 2600) and the Electronic Music Box (EMB), which is not a direct clone of any synth but has features from Buchla and Moog instruments.

The 65-minute outcome spread over nine tracks is a peculiar, demanding and at times also strange balance of improvisational and composed sections along various surreal ambient soundscapes. “Letter to Kid Baltan” (named after Dutch acoustic technician and pioneer Dick Raaijmakers, who composed electronic and tape music in Philips Eindhoven’s NatLab studio in the 60s and 70s as Kid Baltan, an anagram of Dik Natlab) turns out the most experimental and abstract outing here.

A lovely intimate Asian-flavored realm is found on “Suikinkutsu” while I rate the title piece, “Touch of Zen” and the emotive, smooth-sequenced “Two Poems” to the accessible tracks. “Tail Chasing” features a lovely quiet, introspective atmosphere, something also applying to the bit weird “Almuchabala” that rounds out the album.

All in all, this release –like Sigma’s previous ones- offers some challenging electronics out of the ordinary worth giving it more than one listen.


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