Simon Slator – Magellan

Simon Slator - Magellan

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Simon Slator – Magellan
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

“Magellan” is a 30-minute concept album inspired by the Arthur C. Clarke’s book “The Songs of Distant Earth” and the album of the same name by Mike Oldfield (along the composer’s own love of science fiction).

The outcome delivers two 15-minute tracks of imaginary ambient space music with a slice of Berlin School. The sonic narrative starts out with the tirle oiece, depicting the departure of the spaceship “Magellan”, carrying a colony of the last surviving Terrans away from Earth, which is soon to be destroyed by the Sun’s premature supernova. Their destination is an ice planet called Sagan 2, which will take the Magellan over 500 years to reach. As such, the surviving Terrans are all in a huge chamber called the “Hibernaculum” (also the name of the second piece) where they remain frozen and motionless throughout their journey.

Slator’s cinematic music is vibrant, symphonic-oriented and epic in form, cruising in a soft soaring (sometimes even elegant) fashion through cosmic vastness in an evocative, captivating way.
Nice going, Simon.

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