Solar Fields – Altered (Second Movements)

Solar Fields - Altered (Second Movements)

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Solar Fields – Altered (Second Movements)
CD, Ultimae Records, 2010

Word has been in the air for a while “Altered” would contain remixed and reworked versions of the music, which ended up on the previous album “Movements”.

Well, Magnus Birgersson (aka Solar Fields) made the outcome a spacy, mellow chill-out affair, as he keenly recycled and re-interpreted the assorted sounds of that album.

The sonic approach on “Altered” is overall minimal, which sees expansive plain ambient textures and accompanying organic ingredients/effects gradually unfold and slowly drift on.
These carefully moulded and shaped interpretations stand apart from the original mixes both in structure and tempo, making these celestial and emotive soundscapes something to immerse into as you break away from it all.

I imagine though fans that love Solar Fields’ down-tempo work may be put off by “Altered”, saying the lush music is uninspired and maybe even kind of lazy.
On the other hand, the 79-minute “Altered” will prove to be rewarding to ambient listeners like myself who also appreciate a calmer, slowed-down and celestial version of the “Movements” album.
This one is for all who like to reach out into the spacious, deep end….


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