Solar Fields – Blue Moon Station

Solar Fields - Blue Moon Station

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Solar Fields – Blue Moon Station
CD, Ultimae Records, 2003

I hadn’t heard before of Solar Fields aka the Swedish ambient soundsculpter Magnus Birgersson, of which “Blue Moon Station” is his second album.

Well, this one is impressive, as this guy knows how to handle his electronic gear. In a way, you might say “Blue Moon Station” features trance/dance kindred versions of music by space/ambient musicians Steve Roach or even Michael Stearns, but now heavily infused with powerful soundtextures and percussion.

Next to some drifting passages, this music heads for new territory in modern nu-ambient. In a way, it reminded me of the instrumental trance-oriented music of New-Zealand-based musician John(Nigel)Stanford, but the soundscapes presented here are much thicker and heavier.

So fasten you seatbelts for some high quality & very well produced trippy music.
For all those who like to take an adventurous trance-journey into cosmic regions, this is absolutely something you should try !


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