Solar Fields – Movements

Solar Fields - Movements

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Solar Fields – Movements
CD, Ultimae Records, 2009

Swedish producer Magnus Birgersson, aka Solar Fields, wrote his sixth album “Movements” in the same period when he was composing a score for the interactive in-game score for Electronic Arts video game “Mirror’s Edge”.

Was the heavy trance-dance music of his previous album “EarthShine” a completely different story, the musical content of the 11 tracks of the new album hail back to Solar Fields’ trademark of well crafted ambient down-tempo style with expertly layered sounds and deep bass grooves.

Atmospheric, textural, and expanding lush soundwaves, hypnotizing harmonics and pulsating groovescapes melt to create a sense of shift in realities as well as venturing into some to new directions.
It sure is a captivating journey taking you “out there”, as the immersive electronica with both melancholic and uplifting undercurrents wash over you.

As always, the overall production and mastering are excellent.


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