Solitaire – Plains and Skies

Solitaire - Plains and Skies

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Solitaire – Plains and Skies
CD, Musique Intemporelle, 1992

On their second album “Plains and Skies”, Solitaire is reduced to German duo Elmar Schulte who heads for a sonic, tribal-flavoured journey into barren, desolate and desert landscapes (something one may have imagined after looking at the nice cd-cover).

Moreover, it shows Elmar’s sincere admiration for the music of Steve Roach (who joins Elmar on the track “Quiet Earth”) and Steve’s concept-album “Desert Solitaire”.

On this highly atmospheric recording, the classically influence has moved in favour of ethnic, rhythmic stuff (“Rhythm of the Stones”) and darker, textural and slow morphing ambient music (“Anasazi”,“Secret Ceremony”).

“Plains and Skies” breaths the mystery and the air of wide open, deserted places in a minimal, immersive fashion with organic elements underneath, at times also tapping in the well of ritual-related soundscape music.
A recommended release.


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