Somnarium – Frost

Somnarium - Frost

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Somnarium – Frost
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2011

With the album “Frost”, composer Michael Meara brings us another fine release of smooth ambient sonics, this time inspired by profound cold weather conditions.

The five expansive vistas offer subtle, gentle, orchestral and symphonic renditions with some piano, overall breathing the fresh atmospherics and the remoteness of cold plains and spaces. It but also airs the beauty and the blissful feel that make the listener feel at ease as the sonic journey gradually unfolds layer after layer.

I’m sure fans of Harold Budd, Altus, Irezumi’s “Endurance” or any other well-crafted textural soundscape music with an arctic touch will find the enchanting and cinematic longform music of “Frost” very satisfactory and great to immerse into.
“Frost” is available as free download from the Earthmantra net-label.



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