Sphäre Sechs – Particle Void

Sphäre Sechs - Particle Void

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ASphäre Sechs –  Particle Void
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Cryo Chamber, 2018

The third full-length release by Sphäre Sechs, aka Martin Stürtzer (Phelios) and Christian Stritzel, found an appropriate home at Simon Heath’s cinematic dark ambient label Cryo Chamber.

“Particle Void” -created with various analogue gear only- is a deep, intergalactic and cosmic affair displaying a 48-minute warm saturated yet haunting atmosphere with cold spacey overtones as we float through infinite spaces from start to finish. While focused on the particle void of space thematically, freeform dark sound waves along thick, ever expanding masses of nebulae pass by slowly in the carefully molded minimalist sound design. While we’ve already settled into another place in time and space on the previous five tracks, the intensity and weight of the spheres really starts building up on the last three until the final sense of release.

Rest to say I can only concur with the label’s reference: “Particle Void” feels like floating in cold space in a warm cozy spacesuit.

Website: http://www.cryochamber.bandcamp.com/album/particle-void

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