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Spyra - High Phidelity

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Spyra – High Phidelity
CD, Ricochet Dream, 2007

I’ve always considered it a pleasure to discover the new musical adventures of German musician Wolfram “Der” Spyra, who now brings us his double album “High Phidelity”.

It offers over 140 minutes of great live music which he performed on several locations and moments in time: The Gatherings in Philadelphia and Star’s End Radio in 2007, Hampshire Jam in 2005 and E-Day 2006.

Well, all those fond of catchy and energetic electronic music will be delighted to find a great selections of tracks which tap into the beautiful well of what is known as Berliner School music, but he also steps out to dig some of the finest electro-ambient and free form styles.

There’s a marvelous drive incorporated in these keenly and tasty composed compositions, which feature an intruiging mix of hypnotizing bass pulses, rhythms, effects and warm, valvenized textures.

Throughout the album, one can also enjoy lots of nostalgia from the older days of electronic music, nicely showing up in tracks “Zzyxxties” and “Duplex”. The latter even hails back to the relaxed atmospheres of “Virtual Vices” and “Future of the Past”.
One can just hear the joy Spyra must have had composing it and playing this stuff live-on-stage.

Those who love to hear and feel the live-magic of the “Spyra-vibe”, make sure to get a copy of this limited edition (1000 copies), as you won’t be disappointed.
Congrats, Wolfram and Ricochet Dream!

Website: www.derspyra.de

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