Stefan Erbe – The Sounds of my Comfort’Sone

Stefan Erbe - The Sounds of my Comfort'Sone

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Stefan Erbe – The Sounds of my Comfort’Sone

“The Sounds of my Comfort’Sone” compiles 15 tracks of various projects Stefan Erbe was involved in 2011, most notable the pieces part of his monthly “Sound of Sky” planetariums-show.

Sparkling energy and symphonic mellowness both apply to the outcome on “The Sounds of my Comfort’Sone” along quite some groovy currents and expansive sounds of symphonic instruments.

The energetic takes on the continuous 64-minute recording prove the most interesting, such as the Chicane-oriented opener “Sound of Sky” or captivating (dancy) flavors of Schiller shining on “Nostromo” and “Lichtspruch”. The more chill-oriented tracks found in between sound a bit too mediocre and light-hearted to my ears.

For many though, the fresh feel-good electronics of “The Sounds of my Comfort’Sone” will make a fine Autobahn-cruiser.


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