Stephen Bacchus – The Keep

Stephen Bacchus - The Keep

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Stephen Bacchus – The Keep
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Deep Tracks/Oasis Productions, 2010

The 79-minute “The Keep” is a three decade retrospective featuring tracks by Canadian artist Stephen Bacchus, aka Grant Mackay. According the liner notes it compiles the best unreleased material of Bacchus’ career from 1979-2009, complimented by one new track (“Gratitude”) which is actually from a music soundtrack to a live theatre production of “The Serpent’s Egg”(2000) that Bacchus was commissioned to write.

Well, I’d classify this as melodic, feel-good music with an overall no-nonsense mentality, but also rather amateurish. There’s an exotic and new age edge to several pieces, which all stay too simple in structure and sphere to capture (and keep) my attention. The 9-minute title piece (also the oldest one) is even abstract/experimental.
I don’t see how this relates to “densely layered and deeply textured soundscapes” from the advertorial text.


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