Steve Roach – Emotions Revealed

Steve Roach - Emotions Revealed

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Steve Roach – Emotions Revealed

The music on “Emotions Revealed” is actually “lost” music from the early ‘80s, made just prior to “Structures from Silence”. During that period, Mr Roach was still finding his way, composing both European-oriented melodic/sequencer music with melody along quiet/atmospheric works.

The first style applies to the almost 25-minute title piece, played live in 1983 at the Timeroom, Culver City, California and showing a clear connection to the dynamic outcome on “Now” and “Empetus”: a string of rather repetitive sequencers soon gets company of energetic, melodic solos hovering above them.

Steve’s first long-form exploration of sound is the 26-minute “Firelight” (made for an environmental art installation) and tells a completely different story. This is all about slow evolving soundscapes and harmonic atmospheres resonating in space, a dwelling in the introspective nature, remoteness and stillness found in desert environs. As the Roach community knows, this reposing music would continue as an inspiration for his work until today.

“Emotions Revealed” will please both Berlin School fans and those appreciating Roach’s textural soundart.


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