Steve Roach – Fever Dreams

Steve Roach - Fever Dreams

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Steve Roach – Fever Dreams
CD, Projekt, 2004

A short outtake of this cd (announced as part one of a trilogy) could already be heard on the sampler “Space and Time” from end 2003.

Well, “Fever Dreams” contains four extended tracks (the press-sheet describes them as hypnotic groove meditations) , which starts very nice with the 18-minute “Wicked Dreams”.
This piece features Patrick O’Hearn, who plays some stunning deep groovy bass while Steve plays tribal percussion and some space textures on the background. After approximately 15 minutes both bass and percussion disappear, leaving only the light texture until the end.

On the next track “Fever Pulse” we hear some high-tech sequencers as the sound spectrum is filled with bass from Will Merkle and not that remarkable space guitar textures, which I also heard formerly (and am not that fond of myself for years).

Tribal percussion of Byron Metcalf and quite reminiscent guitar textures are what track three and four are all about, and to be honest they don’t stand out in any way. Beside a small musical course change, there’s just too less happening here to make it interesting.

All in all, to me only the first track holds something special, the other tracks seem to recycle elements I know from Roach’s former cds and projects.


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