Steve Roach – Immersion One

Steve Roach - Immersion One

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Steve Roach – Immersion One
CD, Projekt, 2006

“Immersion: One” is the first of an ongoing series of infinite playback recordings from Steve’s Timeroom studios intended to be played at low volume.

The press-info describes it as steady state “zones” created specifically as tone meditations for the living space.
Like the former albums it contains one uninterrupted track of 73 minutes, a slow morphing and deep delving soundcurrent which works great as ambient background music.

The free form textures consist of softy whirling textures accompanied by sedate high flute-sounds, very minimal in nature, overall introspective and contemplative.

These subtle sound paintings – almost a quiet version of Michael Stearns’ “Planetary Unfolding”– sooth the mind and make it wander…


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