Steve Roach – Immersion: Three

Steve Roach - Immersion: Three

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Steve Roach – Immersion: Three
CD, Projekt, 2007

“Immersion: Three” is the next chapter of the Steve Roach’s Immersion-series. It’s a triple cd released in a very nice looking fold-out dvd digipack limited to 1000 copies.

Like the previous two albums, it contains “an ongoing series of long-form, steady state “zones” created specifically as tone meditations for the living space”, presented as three extended tracks of 73 minutes of soothing music.

These soft textures realm and dwell in introspective, very relaxed atmospheres, creating a soothing ambience of immersion.
This uninterrupted flow of gently scultured, minimal soundwashes is perfect to easily get into a hypnagogic state of mind, dissolving any sense of place and time.

Steve says on his site “the inspiration to expand this realm of sound and the state it helps to induce is setting the course for an exciting new phase, which I will announce soon.”, so am interested to find out what he actually means by that……..

All in all, this release is well done, but I haven’t figured out if this volume actually adds anything music wise to the previous recordings in the series.


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