Steve Roach – Immersion Two

Steve Roach - Immersion Two

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Steve Roach – Immersion Two
CD, Projekt, 2006

This is the second chapter in the Steve’s Immersion-series, aptly subtitled “Artifact Ghost”.
As with all former infinite playback recording, the disc features one uninterrupted track of over 70 minutes. It contains a long atmospheric tapestry of slowly morphing textures and forms breathing calmness and introspection as the journey goes on bit by bit.

Steve explains on his website, the music on this volume was a big part of the inspiration to start the Immersion series as such. An eight-minute excerpt (from the 90-minute original) was heard on the album “Texture Maps”.

This is great & mysterious freeform night music containing a veil of mist to make your mind wander and dream. I’m already looking forward to the next!


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