Steve Roach – Live at SoundQuest Fest

Steve Roach - Live at SoundQuest Fest

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Steve Roach – Live at SoundQuest Fest
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Timeroom Editions, 2011

This album documents the first 74 minutes of the concert Steve Roach and friends performed at the first SoundQuest music festival held on October 23, 2010.

Album opener is the strong 28-minute “Momentum of Desire”, a pure electronic undertaking with a profound high-tech rim which makes one slightly think of “Body Electric” and “Blood Machine” in the first half. Here, Steve takes us on a smooth moving atmospheric journey with hypnotizing curls and twists while a groovy, pulsating drive underneath pulls the expansive, spatial sonic landscape constantly forward. I also love the heavenly, uplifting choirs featured in this piece.

Hereafter, “Medicine of the Moment” shifts to a profound electro-organic nature as Byron Metcalf joins Steve on tribal percussion next to Dashmen Khalsa and Brian Parnham both on didjeridoo. From here on we enter the sonic, overall mysterious world of the shaman in which trance-inducing zones are fused with real-time looping and psychedelic sound worlds.

The 11-minute “Thunderwalkers” delivers more dynamics with is circular percussion, roaring didj and overall spacious soundscaping, an atmosphere continuing on “Morphic”. The final piece “Off Planet Passage” returns to drifting, spherical soundpaintings with tribal edges, remembering of “World’s Edge” and “On this Planet”.

As much I respect the tribal character making up the biggest part of “Live at SoundQuest Fest”, my heart goes out to the excellently rendered and fascinating music of the 28-minute opening track.


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