Steve Roach – Molecules of Motion

Steve Roach - Molecules of Motion

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Steve Roach – Molecules of Motion
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2018

“Molecules of Music” sees Steve Roach venture into thoughtful, rather complex and minimal aural territory through a myriad of Berlin School-infused, carefully unfolding and evolving analogue lengthy pieces which the composer refers to as “meditations upon elegant motion and electro-sensual space”.

Created on analog modular -big and small- all elements are on the move constantly and change color all the way through vintage sequencing and lush-emotive synth washes. The gentle pulsating, soft cascading outcome comes as four lengthy, dreamy and cosmic pieces (the 10-minute “Phase Reverie” being to most active) spreading a hypnotizing sonic perfume on and off.

Emotions fly high on the final track “Empath Current”, where lush ambient textures are dressed aptly around the sequencer patterns while heading toward the horizon. This fine recording is even more captivating when cherished through a good pair of headphones.


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