Steve Roach – On this Planet

Steve Roach - On this Planet

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Steve Roach – On this Planet
CD, Hearts of Space/Fathom, 1997

After several collaborative albums, “On this Planet” is a solo-release by Steve Roach, whose goal it was to capture the live-spirit and “on-the-edge concert explorations” in the studio.

Well, the 73-minute outcome (featuring material developed for and through Roach’s 1997-tour) is overwhelming and well done, as one can feel the same ambience as if Steve was performing live.

Powerful thunder and effects open the door, after which ten complex tracks of varied rhythms, captivating sequencers, sweltering soundscapes and samples enter the stage, occasionally featuring some didjeridoo and assorted exotic instruments.

Along the soundtrip, the use of voices of Steve and his wife Linda Kohanov is surprising as are the sonic connectings pointing towards Steve’s double album “World’s Edge”.
The closing (title)track is a great one, as Patrick O’Hearn, Roger King and Omar Faruk Tekbilek join Steve in a powerful and expert style.

All in all “On this Planet” is an intense, well –crafted and highly atmospheric ambient journey which every Roach-fan certainly will enjoy.


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