Steve Roach – Pure Flow

Steve Roach - Pure Flow

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Steve Roach – Pure Flow
CD, Timeroom Editions, 2001

“Pure Flow” (Timeroom Editions Collection 1), the seventh release on Steve Roach’s own label Timeroom Editions, offers “an essential flow of atmospheric soundscapes” made over the years.

Initially provided as a free gift until the end of 2001 to all fans who ordered music through his site, the cd features seven tracks taken from the previous albums “Atmospheric Conditions”, “Slow Heat”, “Truth & Beauty”, “The Dream Circle” en “Vine-Bark & Spore”.
They all fit in the category of fluid, slow drifting textural music, creating an overall quiet and moody atmosphere.

The only exception is the fourth track “Hovering”, which is an unreleased piece which sonically fits to the others, although there are some distinct restless undercurrents and tensions present here.

All in all, “Pure Flow” doesn’t bring any surprises, but can be a nice addition to those who love Roach’s soundscape music, but aren’t willing/able to buy the full albums.


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